Sunday, February 13, 2011

The maiden of the wicked highlands

The mud splattered on the path,
the drizzle had turned rain very fast.
Highlands of the folklore had come alive,
the lightning gave the land a scary sight.

The fair maiden came out for a ride alone,
her horse shook in denial of her force.
She saddled upon the scared creature,
ignorant of her uncertain future.

she rode fearless in her vast lands,
The rain striking hard her fair hands.
The horse got struck in a puddle of mud,
her fair grace was splattered and hurt.

Far in her eyes full of disdain,
she could see the old remains.
the pole of the legends shone bright,
she was never more scared in life.

Therein lay a old house beyond the pole,
she walked towards it with fear and hope.
An old lady answered her knock,
The maiden was looking back in shock.

Aunt whom she had lost very young,
was standing in her very front.
she still carried herself with grace,
and looked after her niece's tender face.

They both shared a tender look,
and truth was revealed in the very mood.
They talked and laughed over the lore,
It was made to protect this very home.

The home had an ancient history,
her aunt opened them in great revelry.
The maiden swore an oath of secrecy,
and rode back to her own destiny.


Meera's World said...

prithvi:)i was able to see the scenes/characters, when i went through your poems:). I like easy to understand poems rather than wondering what on earth does that mean that i just read!
Good job:)

prithvi said...

Thanks meera, hmm i often write with my characters flashing in my mind, perhaps that's why it was easy to read.

viddhi said...

nicely written ...imagery used in the poem is stupendous :)

thanks for paying me visit .. hope to see you again .

keep writing .
happy blogging ! :)

take care.

prithvi said...

thank u viddhi....keep visiting.... :)