Sunday, February 13, 2011

The maiden of the wicked highlands

The mud splattered on the path,
the drizzle had turned rain very fast.
Highlands of the folklore had come alive,
the lightning gave the land a scary sight.

The fair maiden came out for a ride alone,
her horse shook in denial of her force.
She saddled upon the scared creature,
ignorant of her uncertain future.

she rode fearless in her vast lands,
The rain striking hard her fair hands.
The horse got struck in a puddle of mud,
her fair grace was splattered and hurt.

Far in her eyes full of disdain,
she could see the old remains.
the pole of the legends shone bright,
she was never more scared in life.

Therein lay a old house beyond the pole,
she walked towards it with fear and hope.
An old lady answered her knock,
The maiden was looking back in shock.

Aunt whom she had lost very young,
was standing in her very front.
she still carried herself with grace,
and looked after her niece's tender face.

They both shared a tender look,
and truth was revealed in the very mood.
They talked and laughed over the lore,
It was made to protect this very home.

The home had an ancient history,
her aunt opened them in great revelry.
The maiden swore an oath of secrecy,
and rode back to her own destiny.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The winter Kiss

The path was drowning in snow,
but the sun gave it an enamel glow.
I walked on the meandering way,
with the snowstorm across my face.

The beggar asked me for a shilling in pain,
i gave him my coat shivering in vain.
The lamp post was glowing with panache,
I quickly ran for its warmth in haste.
A shadow was walking towards me,
The winter was not telling the true story.

My eyes darted towards the stranger,
the stranger replied with a piercing gaze.
The hazel eyes were searching me,
for i was sure there was a tale.
Those eyes were to haunt me forever,
as i was seeing them only till one hour later.

The stranger moved towards me with grace,
i think she was a woman from an earlier phase.
she took shelter in my shivering body,
I felt the bodies connecting in a soliloquy.

The warmth was fighting the storm,
Something weird was going around.
My eyes went big in surprise,
for she gave me a kiss in disguise.
The time stopped for a fleeting second,
I savoured it every moment.

The storm seemed to calm down soon,
I realised the sun was shining in noon.
She walked back without a word,
leaving me lost in my own world.
The beggar awoke me from my stupor,
I gave him a dollar returning the favour.
I walked back to my lonely home,
The sun shone on the path aplomb!!!!