Friday, June 26, 2009

happiness,life and god

Happiness, the word has a price tag attached to it. A price which will remain always be beyond the realm of human mind. The whole human race runs frantically behind happiness. I find it as precious as Holy Grail; everybody tries to find it to satisfy his or her fill of greed of happiness. But you ask a 10 year old kid or a seasoned 80 year old man they both will tell you the same thing, they wish happiness would be intertwined in every aspect of their life. But what exactly is the price of happiness?

The Greeks used to believe that a living body can't achieve the happiness until death. I am not advocating death over here to achieve happiness. People are often obsessed with afterlife or what should be their karma in order to obtain a place in heaven with their god. I don't blame the common man for being so obsessed. These days you will find the common man spending lump some amount on havans or other forms of worship to satisfy god. People are so busy reading the rules of bhagwad gita, bible and Quran that they forget the true meaning of the books.

What is the motive of all this? To have a good happiness filled life and spend the afterlife with god in heaven that's all? Maybe people should try and reach out the true meaning of those books. People in this frantic search for happiness are often surprised that these holy books only tell them what they already know. But think again are we truly upholding the meaning of these books. One of my friends told me a very simple thing," maybe you think of your life in a me-centric manner".

I am not one of the best believers around. But I believe there is something which created all this we have today, I don't wish to know what it is, but yah something is up there which made us. People have given it names some call him Jesus, some call him Allah. I call him creator. I won't say the holy books are a guideline from him. But maybe if we could derive the true meaning of those books, we could live in a state of truth rather than in a state of denial. I believe happiness is something which we shouldn't chase; rather we should wait for it to come to us.

I may sound confused but all I am saying is lets try to live a true good life, life which is lived for upholding the true values is 10 times better than life lived chasing a false dream.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Mystery of Solitude

Solitude is it good, is it bad? Most of us would say that it is bad, but I prefer solitude, it gives you freedom to think, the eerie nature of silence helps in breaking down the most complex of the problems, I do not disagree that solitude might make you depressed and anguished. Solitude sounds dark in nature, but it is like a dark tunnel which ends in bright light.

The pressure of daily life is enormous, it may get to you sometimes, so I feel the best way to get some respite is to get away from the entire hustle bustle and stay in solitude for sometime. To achieve a future image of the consequences of your action, solitude is the best solution. Solitude doesn’t have to be necessarily evil

I think to be strong in your weakest moments is a great virtue which can be achieved only by few. The state of solitude might sometimes bring out the worst in you. For some it might be fear, for some it might be boredom and the list is endless but those who conquer this never fail in life.

Think of it why do authors, scientists like to work alone, because in that moment of silence they try to create a world of their own and calculate infinite possibilities of their work. I myself have seen it, when am alone away from the crowd I often create a world of my own, the world of imagination, I think of the impossible and gain satisfaction. Our dear former president Dr. A.P.J.Kalam says it’s good to dream.

I don’t think everybody will agree to this dark thinking. But many would definitely feel that there is an uncanny coincidence between the article and their life. I feel what is dark may not necessarily be dark, because there is light even in the darkest corner of the earth.