Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let The Tears Flow!!

The salty taste of those big beady drops from our tear glands, well sometimes they taste bitter, sometimes they taste sweet and sometimes well plain salty. Well confused?? hehe......let me elaborate, I have no intention to explore the culinary angles of the tears but the factors which stimulate it in us and why sometimes we refrain from it...anger, frustration, joy, sadness, laughter and millions of feelings maybe attached with it. The human being is a self-aware mammal, and therefore crying comes naturally to it.

Most of the time tear comes to us when we feel that emotional CLOT in us, yeah I am sure each of us is familiar with it. The feeling can be extremely beautiful or exactly vice versa. I am half-confused whether I should club anger, frustration or sadness together or leave them alone, because tears shed by them maybe indifferent but the intensity of emotions behind them are miles apart from each other.

Science says, “crying is beneficial to health and mental well-being". Then why does society have to stop from people from letting that CLOT out, the emotions inside us, whatever they maybe always want to be let out. Am not suggesting that fill up buckets of tears when you are feeling something but let it out, it’s better that way. I know the world is selfish and it's hard to say things but my friends it's not wrong to cry. Since, birth we are asked to stop crying and get a hold of ourselves that is perfectly all right, but parents, teachers and all those who help us in evolving as a person maybe sometimes you should evaluate the situation and let the emotions flow.

I know many who would quickly contradict me saying crying makes you weaker, your emotions are an open book and you have no control on yourself. I would like to ask them, in what exactly are they taking pride in, that they are strong, stone hearted cold hearted beasts who have locked away their emotions in the depths of their ice-cold heart or a hollow individual who feels everything inside and can't let it out.

in the process of writing this post, I realised there is not much to evaluate in the feelings behind tears because tears is a gift from god which is a lifeline for us in the worst or the best of the conditions, people might often say that they feel better after shedding a few tears but the same population might be afraid to declare or in better words endorse tears.....

suicides, murder and several things have become a bane to the society, but maybe the society needs to learn that they need to first readily first accept emotions of all kinds and maybe instil a sense of confidence in people who require it. Maybe it should lend a shoulder when someone wants to CRY their heart out!!!
PS: I have been gone a while from blogosphere it’s good to be back...