Sunday, May 10, 2009

The ambiguity of thoughts

Your action determines your character, is a well known proverb. But are thoughts nothing? Sometimes we are asked to think less and to work more, but then is that not the symptoms of a monotonous life.

Great thinkers like Voltaire, Chanakya changed the rules of the society, Isaac Newton discovered gravity beneath a tree, and Schrodinger made up a whole equation while sitting in his room. This proves that much of the human mind remains undiscovered. Society tends to create norms and people who think differently are shunned.

I have frequently observed brilliant sportsmen; actors and writers fade away into stereotype careers to earn daily bread and butter. But then manipulation of thoughts begins with birth, a child may say he wants to be air-force pilot one day and by the time he reaches high school he might end up saying that its better to be engineer or a doctor.

We need to develop thinking amongst the young. They need to learn about a world apart from the regular one. You never know which thought sparks a new revolution, thoughts were the core of the renaissance, and look what it gave us Da Vinci, Michelangelo and many more. They gave us such masterpieces that even today people look at them in awe.

The modern education was developed with the principle value of turning great thoughts into action, its sole desire was to have more of Tagores , Chandrashekhars in our country. But as time progressed younglings of our country buried their thoughts and immersed themselves into a stereotype routine.

“Dare to think different”, I think this should be promoted, it might solve many of our problems, like the unemployment caused by the recession.

Thoughts is a vast subject, it has no easy way to be unlocked. So maybe we should try to devote some of our time to understand it, people misunderstand thoughts, they forget massive powers like the laws of attraction are related to it.

Do not doubt your thoughts, give it a rational view, try and explore your thoughts, who knows what thought may change your life!!!!!