Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Trust is a major issue. I don’t know about you guys but i feel there is a major scarcity of trust these days. Well everybody is befuddled by the issue of trust. This has lead to insecurity. Yes, insecurity, this simple word eats away the confidence of many a people like a worm. I know it’s a common topic but i think there should be a solution to it.

Okay let’s rotate the wheel of time 30 years back. Back then the child used to dutifully listen to his parents, marry the spouse they found him and lived happily after. Cut back to the present scenario, every small issue becomes a bone of discontent between parents and their child. You might say that this is only one type of insecurity, but i think according to an old saying if all is well at home, then all is well in your life.

What should be the reason???

Some might define it as a conflict between progressive thinking amongst the new generation and stagnant thinking by the older one. But then they score over us in many areas, like they have a better stability in life due to their stronger beliefs.

A very simple way to look at this is our belief in god. How many people do really visit temple this days, i am also a part of this crime, but i see my parents and other elder people visiting temple once a week. That’s belief and if you look around you will find many more issues similar to this.

I am not advocating the fact that we should return to the old manner of thinking, but maybe we could pick a leaf out of our older generation’s lives and bring some trust and security in our daily issues. I really want to be cent percent sure when i make a decision and feel secure like my parents and i feel everybody would like to do that.

Everybody would like a day when they don’t have to worry about their boss, a day when they won’t have to fight with their girlfriend/spouse, a day when they are able to trust a person with blind trust and a day when they can have a good night’s sleep.