Thursday, December 8, 2011

A miSTY HEARtBEAt !!!!!

Raindrops make a twinkling sound--
my eyes are closed, closed in the thunderstorm.

The heart skips a beat of romance-
the smell of mud engulfing my senses.

I climb higher, higher on mount despair,
Do i look for solace or consolation?

The ciggarate smoke blends a new concotion-
Each drop of ink screaming of anguish!!

The lights in the valley ignite an infinite depth,
I look for answers, answers and pain.

By now my heart has skipped an eon beats--
with my life and thoughts drowned in a cold mist.

Each night a new tune walks upon my lips,
my thorny love has been feasting on my skipping heartbeat.

The pAlAtE oF LiFe !!!

The spire of colours was his muse,
Ambiguous figures rose out of his palate.
The canvases connected in a prose--
Diving into the lake of naked beauty.

A glint in his eyes had sparkled today,
The spirit of masterpiece was calling,” ahoy!!”
He closed his eyes to the infinite dream,
Humming along the silent theme!!

The world was smeared indigo blue,
Painters dancing with red, green and hue.
Colours mingled as the notes of symphony—
The mind ran along like a wild goose.

He searched for the element—
To conquer his dream,
But his mind was ambiguous within.
The painter saints kept smiling along,
His frustration lent them colours and songs.

The tree of life gleamed in his face,
He suddenly awoke with shock & haze.
His beard had grown wise and white,
The world had passed an era in true life.

The painter sang a beautiful melody,
Painting that one piece in a soliloquy.
He finished that painting and sat galore,
“Oh! Lord” were his words—
Words before his ascent to heaven.