Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Bollywood Dreams

The great love stories of bollywood, they have a tragedy about themselves. I mean you can watch "a walk to remember", "notting hill”, "40 days and 40 nights" but I think you will always yearn for the larger than life clichés of bollywood.

I mean there is a certain charm about Raj the London born playboy son of rich father (yeah I know goddamn it right) travels all the way to the lush farms Of Punjab to get his simran back. The thing is that we Indians get extremely melodramatic after watching this lovely over the top movies. I mean we Indian boys have real hard time with the girls. For example the girls have over the top demands, like woo them with bouquet of roses, expensive gifts. C’mon gals all of us are not sada munda amir pyon da.

I love bollywood movies for one fact I love women in chiffon saris they look beautiful in it, or else it's a complete waste of time unless you are in for some peppy bollywood music. now let's do some more analysis, for example like the shayari of Urdu which our dear Indian heroes quote, c'mon man those are written by writers who are paid for writing those 2 lines. I just wish all the girls would not wait for us to come out with something so melodramatic. Then of course ah! how could I forget the new six pack syndrome, ok 1 fine, 2 it's cool,3 let it go but all of them, it's like all the bollywood heroes are descendents of Greek gods and like I said before so now it's our pristine honour now to work out like a pig to get those 6 ABS for our girls.

The silliest thing about bollywood is there is hardly any uncertainty in the plot. Yes, movies especially in India are supposed to have a happy ending, but maybe for a change there should be some cinema which forces the viewers to think. Though everything has not gone down the drain there are several actors, film-makers who do believe in the fine art of making sensible cinema.

Bollywood yes, with its dance and music has of course won a billion hearts. Yes, we Indian guys don't exactly have a gala time with girls after the girls watch their ShahRukh, Salman, Ranbir or whoever but we still dig watching them with a bucket of popcorn. The bollywood charm really bugs everybody including me who hates those mushy dialogues and infinite bank balance of the hero. The great badshah of bollywood himself said I want to act in as many movies about romance as I can because I would like to discover all the ways of romancing a woman, I felt like saying sire maybe instead of that you would try and increase your repertoire as an actor.

The funniest part is once I was discussing bollywood with a friend of mine from Holland and she said ANjaana ANjaani, is a chick flick; I was gaping wide at her and at the same time laughing my heart out. I mean it's very hard to dig out movies in bollywood which don't have love involved in them or in simple lay man terms running behind the girl around the trees. Look I don't want to sound a spoilsport, yes, even I like a few occasional movies for example- Rang de Basanti, 3 idiots, Taare Zameen Par.....but bollywood needs to come of age and ya some actors should try and learn acting for a change, lol.....


Anonymous said...

Well somehow people connect with these so called stupid movies as well. Bollywood is a place where Himesh Reshammiya s thinking himself as an actor so well that speaks for itself..and people manage to watch his movies...So its jst an art of bluffing people and keeping them god damn happy with those stupid cliched happy endings and somehow "Aal is well" for the producers to directors...