Monday, August 10, 2015

Facebook status and me

Write a resolution a day in your diary,
Hath said in the past my mother dearie.
Except now that resolution is a status,
That diary galvanized into a Facebook update.

Facebook the child of an introvert,
The father of layered hidden agendas.
Brother of all misconceptions and assumptions,
Death of all that was left sincere and honest.

I declare my vanity too often here,
Horror likes and stupid comments torment my fears.
My gaze stalking over that petite blue Fuck,
Waiting for it to unzip that silly red numbered hole.

I don’t know how far I am dissolved,
Have I lost myself to the blue sea of rubbish?
I am searching for my burnt sincerity—
Sincerity or whatever is left or my true personality.

I sit amidst the same clockwork buggers,
My eyes scan through a blue flock of liars.
Do I hate Facebook like all others?
No, my friend I am yet another introvert like Zuckerberg.