Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My dear friend Larry

Hello Larry! My name is silence--
Silence, yes call me that for now.
I wish for us to be exclusive
But let's draw first the veil of anonymity.

I will juggle this puzzle for you,
Swing those volatile memories for us.
Hold your hand below that memory stream,
Tell me does friendship flow within.

Why did you tell me about possibility?
When all I could feel was your deniability.
Why serenade me with those motion pictures?
When friendship was nothing but a pit-stop for us.

Does the pain writhe in your conscience?
Has guilt yet skittled through the memories?
Of course not! It is after all just time--
Time yet another bigoted dimension of irony.

May I tell you of my painful seconds?
No, you probably ran away minutes ago.
Oh wait! You didn't know that I was blind,
That I am the wandering silent poet.

For you, this poet is lunatic hazy,
For me I am a lot of cacophony.
My words need to find the beach, Larry--
Larry, the ocean has pulled me too far from everybody.